Dan Ramsden on stage being fascinating and insightful


I’m a design leader with a global reputation and over 15 years embedding and expanding design practice to improve platforms, products and processes.

As a leader I specialise in scalability in three areas: 

Platforms – using a background in information architecture and a skill for abstraction to find common patterns to deliver value and boost efficiency.

People – whether it’s coaching individuals or building and leading teams I focus on clarity, motivation and purpose.

Process – I’m passionate about leveraging repeatable processes to unlock progress and deliver results.

As an individual contributor my strengths are in strategy and leadership – synthesising large amounts of quantitive and qualitative data and telling stories to bring clarity to purpose and action.

Its taken me 10 years to develop and recognise these strengths – but knowing them helps me enact my values of resilience, rigour, recognising the contribution of others and remaining playful – so teams feel relaxed enough to innovate and succeed. 

I use this site to engage people in the things I’ve learned and the things I’m learning. The blog section features ‘work or ideas in progress’. There’s also a section for the talks I’ve given at conferences and some of the projects I’m able to share. If you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact form on the ‘talking’ page.

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