About Dan Ramsden

I’m a design leader with a global reputation and over 10 years experience building high performing teams focused on expanding and embedding design and information architecture to shape products and processes.

As a practitioners I specialised in systems thinking, service design and information architecture. I combine skills in analysis, creative invention and collaboration to understand and solve problems and exploit opportunities. I’m now an experienced leader of teams, projects and programmes.

I combine a respect for complexity with a love of simplicity to design and implement solutions which make a difference to people and organisations.

I have spoken at conferences in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and across Europe.


I previously worked at The Workshop. I specialised in information architecture as well as designing and creating content for communication and learning. I worked on projects for organisations like DWP, Morrisons, Parliament Education Service, Sheffield Hallam University and the BBC.

Before joining The Workshop I worked for Dead Earnest Theatre. Dead Earnest use live performance techniques for teaching, training and behavioural change. I carried out research into non-linear narratives and how stories can be used to change the way we think, feel and behave. I’m still interested in this, and though I’ve worked across these companies and sectors I’ve always been interested in using ‘content’ to entertain, educate and inform.


I believe that creativity is about diverse and organised thinking, and that creative organisations succeed because of diverse and organised teams. In the future I want to continue to develop my own creative practice and help teams and organisations make the most their potential.

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