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I’m Dan Ramsden – a design leader based in the UK. I write about leadership, UX design, team building, information architecture, content design and things I’ve learned.

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  • How to lead design discovery…

    Last month I shared a critique of some ways people describe and structure design processes. I also shared a tool I’ve developed to direct “discovery” efforts. I wanted to share more about that tool and talk about why I think confidence is a good measure of success for your “discovery” processes. Creative leadership is about…

  • An evolution of the Double Diamond

    When we use ambiguous language to describe design, we make designing even harder. Design projects can be full of ambiguity, particularly when they’re focused on innovation. I’ve recently written about the limitations of the double diamond and suggested some alternative models. I argued that the Double Diamond is a good place to start when you’re…

  • Alternatives to the Double Diamond

    If we always automatically reach for the Double Diamonds to start conversations and answer questions about design, we might miss opportunities to say something more useful.

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