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As an information architect and content manager, I spend time getting to know the priorities and working practices of the clients I work with. Content comes in lots of formats, flavours, shapes and sizes and finding a way to shape the messges of a client to the audience they’re trying to reach can be one challenge. But much of my work over the last few years has also been focused on how I can support clients to adopt content management systems.

Content and communications are complicated. While CMS has lowered the technical barriers that stopped clients taking control of their sites in the past, it doesn’t help with some of the other elements of expertise that are needed to make a web proposition work. Writing is a skill. Writing for the web is a technical skill. Managing a site using a CMS combines these skills with others. I’m hoping to add more content to the site soon that discusses the challenges of using resources effectively to deliver content to audiences. This should cover the skills of writing for the web as well as the technologies that enable it.

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