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  • How to lead design discovery…

    Last month I shared a critique of some ways people describe and structure design processes. I also shared a tool I’ve developed to direct “discovery” efforts. I wanted to share more about that tool and talk about why I think confidence is a good measure of success for your “discovery” processes. Creative leadership is about…

  • An evolution of the Double Diamond

    When we use ambiguous language to describe design, we make designing even harder. Design projects can be full of ambiguity, particularly when they’re focused on innovation. I’ve recently written about the limitations of the double diamond and suggested some alternative models. I argued that the Double Diamond is a good place to start when you’re…

  • The Zone of uncomfortable debate

    The Zone of uncomfortable debate

    This is a talk I filmed for an event in November 2022. It focuses on the challenges of effective collaboration and covers ideas around: – the zone of uncomfortable debate – humble inquiry – crucial conversations – and negotiation tips from Never Split the Difference. It’s all strung together from a memory I have of…

  • Better Bossing: Lessons from Adaptive Leadership

    Better Bossing: Lessons from Adaptive Leadership

    Which ideas from adaptive leadership can we adopt to help us connect and adapt to become a better boss? As I’ve written about becoming a better boss I’ve developed a simple model to describe the factors that might affect the relationships between a leader or manager and their colleagues. The model describes how factors of…

  • Better Bossing: Social Capital

    Better Bossing: Social Capital

    Three concepts to help us identify where and how we might earn, store and spend social capital to make us and our teams more effective.

  • Better Boss Series: Trust

    Better Boss Series: Trust

    Why is trust so important and how do you build and maintain it?

  • Announcing: The Guide to Being a Better Boss

    Announcing: The Guide to Being a Better Boss

    Everyone deserves a great boss. In this series, Dan Ramsden shares what he’s learned to help him become a better boss.

  • Teaming with the Virus, UX New Zealand 2020

    Teaming with the Virus, UX New Zealand 2020

    Here is the text of the talk I gave at UX New Zealand: It’s great to be back at UX New Zealand, if only virtually.  I got the speak at this conference in 2016 and loved the feeling of community. Now I’m sat here, on my own, imagining you, sat in a room on the…

  • Confidence, competence and curiosity

    Here are about 3,000 words about the growth mindset, confidence, competence and imposter phenomenon. This is the culmination of thinking I’ve done about how to support myself and others to be more engaged and thoughtful about development and the things that stand in the way of growth. I presented some of these ideas at The…

  • Navigation, content and interactions – a model using intention and ability

    Navigation, content and interactions – a model using intention and ability

    At the start of the year I wrote lots and lots and lots and lots about a range of behaviours connected to information seeking and navigation. The stories and sets of behaviours I described have been useful for teams thinking about the different modes and behaviours that users might flow through and between as they complete tasks and…

  • ‘Architecting’ is a word

    ‘Architecting’ is a word

    I love words. I love the sounds they make and the shapes they form. I love the ideas they can inspire. I love words. Words, for me, provide the perfect balance of freedom and containment. I mention this because I recently read an interview I’d given and in it there was a word that gave…

  • Everyone makes IA – running a team away day

    Everyone makes IA – running a team away day

    Before you read this post. Choose a card. Remember it. In December 2014, just before Christmas, the UXA team at the BBC took on the challenge of convincing 120 UX designers that they all make information architecture. IA is a specialism. But it also underpins all user experiences. I wanted to give UX designers the confidence to…

  • Reflective practice

    Reflective practice

    If you’re anything like me, you’re probably quite good at a few things. But if you are like me you probably sometimes have a hard time bragging about those things or even quite believing you possess them. This post is about the relationship between the things we do well (and not so well) and what…