Service Design Sprints

Service design sprints combine ‘design sprints’ with a service design and trajectories approach to design new products and ecosystems to support and deliver them.

1. The sprint process follows the same pattern – understand, diverge, converge, prototype, test

2. Understanding means that you have a better understanding of the problem. You can define questions that address specific user needs. You use these questions to direct you as you create ideas.

3. Divergent thinking – directed by specific questions – results in lots of ideas. You then converge, using voting to identify the ideas people think have most potential to be tested. You refine these ideas.

4. One you’ve converged around a number of ideas you can plan and storyboard testing. With an idea of the storyboard you can build prototypes, describing the ideas in use in a way that can be tested with the audience.

5. Testing with the audience is hugely important. It helps you to evaluate the ideas and gives you more insight to take into the next understand day.

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