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Before every production, actors and directors spend time in a real-life rehearsal room. They focus on the story they’re going to tell and understand the characters and places that will be brought to life. Now, in the digital Rehearsal Room, you can do the same.

The Rehearsal Room isn’t just online – its a website full of items that launch interactions, and also collateral across the city. Here is a description of some of the elements.

The Rehearsal Room is a virtual space where Sheffield Theatres’ audience can explore the meaning and relevance of productions, and through which the Theatres can reach out and attract new audiences. Through a series of interactions and digital assets, and by combining online and offline activity, the Theatres can attract new audiences and enrich the appreciation and understanding of current audiences.

The room evolves over the weeks that a production is performed and allows the audience multiple routes to engage with the play and the organisation before, during and after their attendance at the performance.

The Rehearsal Room is a space where the audience can extend their experience of the theatre, outside both the physical constraints of the building and the temporal constraints of the performance. Before a performance, the Rehearsal Room provides the perfect virtual space to explore the setting and themes of a play, after a performance an audience can visit the room and see even greater significance in the items we’ve selected and interactions we’ve designed. The current room is the first of four planned for this year – each will have different content and interaction. This room, designed to support Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People includes:

• a newspaper board which contains hyperlinks to aggregated news content which contemporise the themes of the play
• a trailer for the production
• a slideshow of photographs taken during rehearsal

Each of the items in the room is designed for a different segment, ensuring a growing and diverse audience. Specific elements appeal directly to a target demographic of under-26s. The site also offers value and deepens the relationship with the current audience, while a ‘community cast’ biography section is designed to drive awareness of the production and the site among friends and family of the 50-strong community ensemble. With new content released throughout the six-weeklong run of the play, the design of the site encourages repeat visits and builds relationships with users, encouraging them to become loyal audience members and brand advocates.

Visit the Rehearsal Room now.

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