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The Forgiftede Lodge site is part of the Rehearsal Room for Sheffield Theatres’ production of An Enemy of the People. The copy on the site is playful and subtly introduces the themes and elements of the narrative so that the audience can enjoy the content before they see the production and bring that knowledge to the performance, but also revisit the site after their trip to the theatre and see more humour and relevance in the copy and content on the site.

The site promotes a fictional lodge located in the town in which the play is set. The site is littered with hidden meaning. The central ‘problem’ in the play is a hidden

poison in the water supply. This is mirrored in the copy on the site. Written in broken English, as if it has been translated from Norwegian, the home-made-looking site is full of clues to a hidden danger. For example, all of the names of authors of content and comments are ‘poison’ in various languages – in fact even the lodge name, Forgiftede, means poison in Norwegian.

This element of the Rehearsal Room was designed to appeal to new audiences who are used to consuming content online but may not otherwise consider visiting the theatre. It will also entertain and engage traditional theatre audiences and encourage them to communicate with the theatre and consume more content online.

Visit the tourism micro-site now.

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