Interact 2014 – Dan Ramsden

Design like you’re right. Test like you’re wrong. And be careful what you throw away.

Interact London is a UX design conference which brought together leading speakers with talks that explored the importance of design and the roles that User Experience and Information Architecture play in today’s digital society.

I chose to talk about reflective practice and the importance of teaching in developing your own confidence, skills and experience. This page features a slightly abridged version of the talk I delivered. One day I might re-visit this talk and make a better version of this video – so think of this as a little experiment that will teach me plenty and help me record my conference talks in the future.

If you want to take part in the experiment at the end, please download the cheat sheet first. It should be printed at A5 – the important thing is that you have a single sheet with the four panes taking up the full page.
Please download and print the sheet on a5 paper before you start the video.

I was in two minds about whether to include the magic trick at the end of the talk. But the whole event was about sharing and inspiring each other, so with a few alterations it’s included in the video. If you’d like to use this experiment with your team, please get in touch and I’m likely to be happy to help – I could even pass on the slides you need.

You can find more details about the design sprint process that I mention on the BBC Internet blog.

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